In order to better serve our global customers, China Geo-Equip Tech Wuxi Co., Ltd ( CP DRILL )was strategically established on Aug 12th, 2019 in Wuxi city for handling with our group’s exporting and importing business.

There are two production bases in Changsha for producing kinds of drill rigs and geological instruments.

There is a production base in Wuxi for producing exploration drilling tools.

Thanks for our comprehensive production bases located in China, we can provide full range of the capital equipment, drilling consumables to our customers for mining exploration and geotechnical drilling industries globally. We committed to our customer’s success by providing high quality products with innovation at competitive price. We are capable of providing customized products according to your special requirements. Quality is the priority and a commitment to our global customers.
Mining is the base for human’s industry, Exploration works are the foundation of mining, we know how important it is, reducing the cost and improving the productivity of exploration is what we are always thinking. Expecting our wonderful products can make you reach the success easily.

CP DRILL has Inheritance the history of over 20 years experience of exporting business.

  • Exported to more than 25 countries and regions.
  • More than 70 achieved projects worldwide.
  • More than 1,380,000 drill rods and bits for exploration were exported globally.

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